What is Shared hosting? : Understand Shared hosting from Expert.

What is shared hosting?

What is hosting?

Before we know what is shared hosting, we have to know what is web hosting. In normal word I will say web hosting is a space provided by your service provider, where you can keep and use your website’s data. If you want to run a web site you need storage where you can store your website’s data in a secure place. You can call it the store house of your web site. I hope now you understand what is hosting. Now let’s try to know what is shared hosting.


What is Shared hosting?

What is shared hosting ?

Basically shared hosting is a hosting service where a hosting provider allows multiple websites to use a single server. For this, hosting provider company will charge a minimal monthly or annually fee from website’s owner. But you can’t use the whole server. There is a limit. Every customer have a limited storage on the server. They can only use that much storage.This limit will depend on their hosting package. But don’t worry. If you need more storage , you can upgrade your hosting package.


Best For :

This hosting is best for beginners and small companies. This is the cheapest hosting service. Actually you don’t need a lot of storage if you are beginner.This hosting is perfect for you.A shared hosting package may cost you 2.5$ to 8.5$ monthly depending on your package.

How you will know that which hosting plan is best for you? Normally a Shared hosting can handle 25 thousands to 55 thousands traffic monthly. This is very good number for a beginner. In future if have more traffic in your web site you can upgrade your hosting package easily.

With every hosting plan hosting companies give some offer also. Maximum hosting companies give domain name free for 1st year with their hosting packages. And they also will give you lifetime SSL certificate for free . Those 2 offers are common. You can get more offer depending on hosting provider company.


Pros :

Is shared hosting good? As I said before If you have limited audience shared hosting is perfect for you. Also there are  some other advantages of this package plan that you must know. Let’s know them.

  1. It is the cheapest hosting package. They may cost you about 2.5$ to 8.5$ depending on your package.
  2. You can upgrade your package. If you think your website is getting more traffic and your hosting can’t handle it, you can upgrade your package any time.
  3. Easy to use. you can easily use you c-panel.
  4. Money back guarantee! Yes many hosting companies gives you 30 days money back guarantee.


Cons :

Shared hosting has a lots of advantages but it has some disadvantages also. So, now try to know about them.

  1. You will get less security than VPS or dedicated server. But it is still enough secure.
  2. Loading time can be slower when you get more traffic.


Over all :

Shared hosting is mostly used hosting plan. This is a coat effective hosting package. But if you have a good number of audiences or traffic than this package is not for you. This is only good for beginner or low traffic website.


I hope now you know what is shared hosting and how it works. If you like this please share this.

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