Install WordPress on localhost using Xampp (with advance config settings)

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If you want to learn wordpress properly or if you want with wordpress you are going to need localhost. localhsot will allow you to use wordpress without buying any web hosting. In localhost your pc will work as a server. To turn your pc into a server you will need a software like xammp or wampp. Than you have connect wordpress with xampp or wampp. To install wordpress on localhost we have to follow some steps. And we will use Xampp here. You can use wampp also but i will recommend you to use xampp.


Install Xampp :


xampp install


Go to your search engine and go to this link to download xampp. There you will see this type things. Click on your PC’s platform . It will automatically start downloading.



After downloading xampp open it. After opening xampp your pc may ask for permission to run xampp . click ok.. Than a dialogue box will appear in front you named set up like that on the next button.


Click on the next button again.



Click on that icon to select the folder where you you want to install xampp. Try to not select c drive. Use other drive. Than click next. And let xampp be installed.


Xampp  Set up :


Xampp short cut


Installation complete?Good job. Now go to the xampp and open the folder. Click on Xampp control and send it to the desktop and create shortcut. You have to use xampp control when  ever you want to use local host.


xampp start


Now go to desktop and click on the Xampp control shortcut.You will see this kind of pop-up. This is your control panel of local host. Now start only Apache and mysQL. Now your localhost is ready to go. After your need stop Apache and mySQL and Close the Xampp control panel. Remember You can not use localhost without starting control panlel.


Xampp advance configuration  settings :


Xampp to php

Again go to the xampp and click on the php. After opening php folder scroll down and open the php configuration settings on notepad.


Xampp php

After opening php in notepad You will see some code. And you have to change some code here for better experience. I will help you to change those codes. Do not worry at all.

Press ” ctrl + f ” now search for ” upload_max_filesize ” Now increase the max file size from 2M to 100M or 1024M As you want. This will increase your limitation of uploading file size.

Now again press ” ctrl+ f ” and search for ” max_file_uploads” . Now increase the max file upload 20 to 50 or 100.

Again press ” ctrl+ f ” and search for ” max_execution_time” increase the number 30 to 300 or 500. This will increase your file uploading time.


xamppp project

Go to the xampp file again and open it. click to the htdocs file .Add a new folder here name it ” project ” . This the folder from where your web site will run. Open the project folder and make a new folder of your new project. As you can see here I am created a new project named “corporate world ”

Your xampp configuration is doen. Lets move on to wordpress now.


Create Database and User ID :


xampp database

Start Xampp control. Go to your search engine and search localhost/phpmyadmin/ . Click on database and create your database.


xampp user account


Now you have to create a user account so that you can use your database.So click on the user account button and make your user name. Important note : Give host name local host .

xmapp is ready to go. Now lets download wordpress.


Download WordPress :


wprdpress download

Go to your search engine and search for . Click on the ” Get wordpress “.Download and install the wordpress.


wordpress paste

installation complete? Good job. Now Copy/ cut the wordpress file and go to your project folder that you have created in htdocs folder. Now now open the new created project file and paste the wordpress and extract it here.


Connect wordpress with Xampp :


wp config

Now open wp-config with notepad. There you have to put your user account and password  to connect wordpress with xampp.


user name

Put your  user name , password and host name between ‘ user name ‘ , ‘password’ , ‘host’ . And save it. Congratulation ! now your wordpress is connected to xampp local host !


Explore wordpress with local host :


Go to search engine and search for localhost/project/ . Than you will see a page like that image . Now click on your project name.


log in

LOG IN and And boost up your career.


Conclusion :

Xmapp is a great a easy way to use your pc as a web server. You can practice wordpress by connecting wordpress on localhost.  But connecting wordpress on localhost is little bit difficult .But if you follow those steps you can connect wordpress on localhost successfully .


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