How to speed up website to get 2X traffic.

speed up website

Want more traffic? Speed up website today.

Speeding up your website is very much important. You’re writing very good content . your doing proper SEO but you will not get your expected result if you do not speed up website.Yes! That’s true and proven fact.


Some Research About  Loading Time Effect :

website speed

A research Shows that 1 sec delay can ruin your 7% audiences! 

According to akamai If your website take up to 2 sec to load, you may lose 47% of your audience. 50% audience Expect your web page to be loaded  with in 2 sec.

In e-commerce field speedy website even more important. 23% of customers will stop shopping and walk away if they find your website slow.

Not only you will lose your traffic for slow loading speed but you will lose your  loyalty. 52% online shoppers says that quick web page loading is very important for their loyalty to a website.

Another research by Gomez found that ,If your web page delay 3 sec to load 75% might left for other website!


page speed load time

Graph by : Moz

Every 1 sec is equal to 17% customer.You can gain this 17% or lose. Every single millisecond counts. A single millisecond delay can decrease or increase your traffic.

Google and customers both are fond of fast loading pages.Conversion rate is proportional to loading speed. Faster website gets maximum conversion.

When walmart focused on the improvement of their website’s speed they found a J curve in their revenue.They found that for Every 1 sec of loading speed improvement they experienced 2% more conversions.


Ideal loading Time :

According to google ideal loading speed is 3 Sec. A survey shows that:

  • If your web site takes 5 sec to load , your website is faster than approximately 25% of the web.
  • If your web site takes 3 sec to load , your website is faster than approximately 50% of web
  • If your web site takes 1.7 sec to load , your website is faster than approximately 75% of the web
  • If your web site takes 08 sec to load , your website is faster than approximately 94% of the web.


Ways To Sped Up Your Website :

Speed up

  1. Check your website speed.
  2. The Right Web Hosting.
  3. Remove Zombie pages.
  4. Uninstall unnecessary plugins.
  5. optimize images.
  6. W3 Total Cache.
  7. USE a CDN.


1. Check your website’s speed.

gt matrix


Before you start working on improving your’s website speed you must know your present speed. 

There are a lot of tools to test  web site’s speed. Among them I like Gt metrix most. Gt metrix tells you about your loading time, total page etc. It also gives a page speed score. This tool is very real and it is free also.

To test your web sites speed go to your your search engine and search for gt metrix. Submit your domain name or url. It will show you result in seconds.


2. The Right Web Hosting.


Your website’s 70% speed depends on your hosting.

Choosing best web hosting plan is the main and easiest way to speed up  web site.

Most Newbies like shared hosting packages .Because shared hosting is the cheapest hosting. And shared hosting is fine for them.No problem. But for a growing website Shared hosting is a poison. Because when you are growing and having traffic more your cheap hosting will slow down your website. And as we knew before users and google both wants speedy website.

So if you want speed up  website change or upgrade your hosting plans first.


3. Remove Zombie Pages.

dead page

Zombie pages means unnecessary or dead pages. Every websites have these unnecessary pages. This is also a reason for your slow website.

Brain said that ” Most websites have 50% more indexed page than they should.” He called these pages zombie page.

Do you want to know how much zombie pages you have! Go to your search engine and search for “site:your domain name”.

Delete these unnecessary pages and boost up your website’s speed.


4. Uninstall unnecessary plugins.

delete unnecessary plugin

Plugins are very important parts in CMS platform like wordpress , joomla. But unnecessary plugins can harm your traffic.

That doesn’t mean that you can not use plugins.You can use plugins where ever you need. But keep in mind that do not use extra plugins.Extra means unnecessary plugins.Well, You can use 100 of necessary plugins in your website no problem. But  1 unnecessary plugin can make problems.

In fact there are some plugins to speed up your websites.Yes! We will talk about these plugins here.


5. Optimize images.

optimize image

Image optimization mean reducing image size without compromising image quality.

There is proverb that ” An image is equal to 1000 words “. Well, that’s true. That is why we need to use a lots of images in every single post.

Images needs more storage than simple texts.If you use raw images it will slow down your web page. That is why image optimization is very much important.

For image optimization i like tinypng most among all image optimization tools .This is very easy and simple and free tool. Just drag and drop your images.

If you are a wordpress user you can install a plugin called ” SMush image compression and optimization.


6. W3 total cache.

w3 total cache

W3 total cache is a wordpress plugin to speed up website by caching. To speed up website in wordpress is very much easy.

Enabling caching, your web site will be more faster than before. Want to know what is  cache?

In computing, a cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhereWikipedia

7. Use a  CDN.


CDN stands for Content delivery Network.

Suppose your website is being hosted from USA. Your website will load faster for those people who are living around USA.

But your website may take extra time to load while  any one is visiting your website from India or Bangladesh or any Asian country.

Now here comes CDN. CDN distribute your web pages in different locations across the world.
You can use different networks of server to increase your web page’s loading speed.
CDN also gives you advantage when your website will get high traffic it will distribute their requests in different networks of server according to their location.

8. Use A Good Theme.

Some website theme can slow down your we page’s loading speed. A good theme can make your website faster.

You are using paid or free theme that does not matter. Matter is your theme’s quality.

Also keep in mind that your website theme needs to be responsive.Your website have to run smoothly on any devices.More importantly your website have to run properly on  mobile phones.


Conclusion :

Research your website properly and find out the reason for which your website is loading very slowly. And implement these tips to fix your problem.

After implementing these tips retest your website’s speed and see magical result.And let me know your result 🙂


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