36 Important SEO tips that you must know : 2019 update.

111 Important SEO tips that you must know : 2019 update.

If you are looking for some good SEO tips by which you can boost your web sites ranking, than you are in right place. Today I am going to share with you 36 important SEO tips that you must know. So without wasting any time here let’s jump  into it.




I have divided 36 SEO Tips and tricks 3 Part. 1st is Basic Seo. Basic Seo will cover all the basic but important seo tips. Than 2nd is link building Seo. This will cover all about linking. And 3 rd is social media and extra.


Basic SEO :


37 seo tips


1. Choose A niche

DO not do all the thing. Choose your niche first. If you don’t in a particular niche you are probably  not going to rank in google . SO choose a niche first.

2. Keyword Research

Right Keyword research is the most important topic of SEO . Because if you don’t what your audience are actually liking than how can you target them??!! That is why you need to do keyword research first.

3. Use Low competition keywords

If you have new web site than try to go with low competition keywords first . It will help you to rank first.

4. Good Content

Customer is king. And customer likes good content. If you want repeat customer or traffic. Than you must have good quality content.SO focus on creating content.

5. Try to make easy to understand content.

If people can easily understand what you are trying to say they may come back to your web site again.

6. Use “you” more.

“You” is a very powerful word . By using “you” you can directly connect to the audience.Probably No one will tell about this tips but it is so important.

7. Use Attractive Title And Meta descriptions

Try to use tile like ” Top 7 ways to lose weight : 5th way will surprise you “. Something like that. And use good meta description.

8. Use internal link

Internal link also play role as a ranking factor. Internal linking means linking your own  blogs or pages  in your another relative blog . Take An example of internal . Wikipedia is a great example of internal linking. Wikipedia is full of internal linking.

9.Give outbound link

Outbound link will improve relation between you and other website owner. And this will also help you to rank.Also it will improve user experience.

10. Write SEO friendly blog

Use main keyword in your blog 3-4 times. And also use other keyword 2-3 time in your post.

11.  Use image.

Using image will make your blog more easy to read.People will get more interest in your blog.

12. Use Alt text.

It is true that google does not understand image. So you must use alt test to make google understand.

13. Use short URL.

Using short url may help you to rank fast.

14. Make responsive web site.

Around 80% user use google in mobile phone. So make sure that your web site look good in every devices.

15. Use good hosting.

Good hosting will increase your website’s loading speed and ranking.

16. Improve loading speed.

There are a lot of plugin by which you can increase your web site’s loading speed. You can use W3 total cache which is best and free of cost.

17. Set up AMP.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This will increase your website’s loading speed in mobile.

18. Use relative Domain

Try to use relative domain. Relative domain will help you to rank fast. But if you can’t find relative domain , no problem. That’s not a big deal.

19.Identify your competitors .

This is also a very important steps. Always spy on them. See what they are doing? From where they are getting leads.Track them.. Try to choose ever green topic.

20. Choose a ever green topic

Choose a topic that is ever green. Like ” Seo tips”  “Digital marketing” etc. Don,t choose topic like 2018 word cup or others.

21.Find gap in your niche.

If you can find a gap in your niche, catch it.It is an opportunity . Work with the gap , you may start ranking!!

22. Optimize your image size.

If you images with high resolution it may harm your website’s loading speed. There are a lots of free tools for optimizing your image keeping the natural quality.I personally use tinypng.

23. Update your content regularly.

Update your old posts. It will definitely help you to boost up your rank.


Link Building SEO :


 link building seo

24.Guest post

In guest posting you will be able to post your content in other website with the permission of the owner. This will give you a powerful backlink.

You can ask for permission to them.

25. Find broken links.

you can use check my linksto find broken links. If you do not how to use check my links you can read it also.

26. Win win

Give some one backlink in your web site , let him know and ask him for backlink in his web site.

27. Use Quora.

Quara Question and answer is the great source of getting traffic.Try to answer related questions in quora.



Social Media and others :

Seo tips


28. DO better than your competitors

Always spy on your competitors. See what type of content they are giving. How much they are posting blog. Better than them.

29. 2x method

write 2x than your competitors. Long blog really matters. Audience and google want long blog post.

30. Don’t use # tag in URL.

Don’t use # tag in your URL . It will harm your seo.

31. Use Permalink

Use permalink url. Permalink url is more seo friendly.

32. Submit sitemap

Submit sitemap . This will help google to find your all pages faster.If you do not know to submit sitemap map. You can read it Dyno mapper.

33. Use social media.

Don,t just chat on social media. Also use it for your seo purpose, Share your posts , make groups pages.

34. Don’t spam.

Be natural and be patient.

35. Don’t give up.

This takes time. Keep working.

36. Keep learning.

Learning is very important. Learning gain traffic and money.


So here was the 36 important seo tips. If you like this please comment and share . Commenting and sharing will increase not only my Ranking but also yours.So do comment and share.


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